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NO Drills… NO Mechanics… Just reading Greens


 You learned how to read greens in school!
Now learn how to apply what you already know.

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Golfers want to learn how to read greens, NOT how to roll a ball. DYNAMICS is nature in motion. See how Mother Nature intended for us to read greens.


His brother/caddy Chase wrote, “… I introduced Sam to your stuff and he loved the concept immediately. We … worked on finding the fall line of literally every hole on the putting green. After a few holes we caught on to what to look for and now I feel that we can both find the fall line on any hole in under 10 seconds. … As soon as he grasped the concept … he started draining putts left and right.”
Sam Burns2014 Golf Week Player of the Year

Dr. Winters is a Secrets of The Fall Line member and has endorsed CJ on LinkedIn
Dr. Bob WintersSports Psychologist & PGA Instructor at The Leadbetter Golf Academy

“There’s some really cool things in that book.”
Jim McGurkPast Golf Digest Instructor of the Year – Ohio (Inverness Club 2011- 12)

“It’s well thought out and well presented.”
Bill HobsonHost & Producer of Michigan Golf Live (TV)

“… I already know after a brief overview, that WOW!!!, this is what I should have studied a long time ago, when I started playing golf.”
Alexander M.Netherlands

“The point of this book is so you can 1 putt!! … I bought the book and it was the best investment ever made. … I really suggest you try it. I teach it to all my students now. WAY TO GO CJ!! I have so much more confidence now on the greens.”
Glen Walden – PGA – Wingdale, NY

“Have applied your concepts to those of Aimpoint Express as a quick verification of what my feet are telling me. Thanks again and would like to stay in contact.”
Gary T. – PhD Nevada

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Secrets of the Fall Line
Frequently Asked Questions:
The short answer … yes. Dynamics is nature in motion. Once you understand how motion in nature applies to putts on a green, you’re hooked. It’s easy because Secrets of The Fall Line is based on the premise of “repetition feeds recognition“.
No. In fact, your math teacher taught you how to read greens in school and he/she didn’t even realize it. I’ll show you how to apply what you’ve already learned. Watch the first video clip in Chapter One or turn to pages 16 & 17 and see what hundreds of players have learned with just one look … How to Find … & … Prove the Fall Line.
Every comment, whether email or interview, is true. Comments have only been edited for space or content(didn’t want to give away the secrets). Each comment was submitted without any input from Secrets of The Fall Line. No one has been solicited or paid to promote or endorse Secrets of The Fall Line.
SPEED! – With Secrets of The Fall Line you get to use your own speed. If you charge your putts, Secrets of The Fall Line works. If you lag your putts, fine, that works too. The other big difference is the fall line. It’s a real line and you’ll learn step by step exactly what to look for and precisely how to find it.
If I learned one thing in my life, I learned this: It’s simple to complicate golf. What’s really hard is making golf easy to learn. AND, since Secrets of The Fall Line is easy to learn, I didn’t see the need to overcharge for it. Besides, this is so easy you actually teach yourself, no professional instruction required.
Thirty years ago, I did offer my findings to the PGA. They respectfully declined because I wasn’t a member. Years later, I offered a second time. They wished me luck, again. Ten years ago I joined the PGA and after reading their six-hundred page teaching manual I found they had devoted all of thirteen pages to half the game … putting. Even more surprising, just three of those pages focused on reading greens. Thus, I quit the PGA and began writing Secrets of The Fall Line.